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Connecticut Compact

Why Connecticut needs to change its electoral and governance systems

When it comes to the way we choose our government, and the way our government conducts business, Connecticut is about the most restrictive state in the country.

More than 90% of our candidates for office are chosen for us, by fewer than 1% of the voters of the state, in private, political party conventions held in the Spring of each election year.

More than 40% of registered voters are completely barred from helping to choose our candidates, because they are not members of a party. 

We cannot vote early, we generally cannot vote by mail, we cannot drop off our ballots. We have to vote in-person, at pre-selected locations, on one specific day (unless we go through the absentee voting procedure).

When we do vote, it can happen that the “winning” candidate has the support of a minority of voters, less than 50% of the votes cast.

Three proposals would help to change the situation

Ranked Choice Voting

To choose majority winners

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Non-Partisan Primary

To get everybody involved in choosing our candidates

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Early / Mail-in Voting

So everyone gets to vote

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