Connecticut Compact Problem Solvers 

Connecticut Compact Problem Solvers look beyond the partisan rhetoric and fixed positions that too often define our public debates on major issues and prevent us from solving major issues.  Problem Solvers start with thoughtful questions and proven, problem-solving principles. Problem Solvers agree that civil discourse and compassion are essential when discussing the challenges – and the opportunities – facing our state and communities.  

So, how does that work in practice?

To help generate common-sense solutions to our major issues, we are building a diverse network of Problem Solvers who commit to lead debates in their communities on topics related to our core mission.

Connecticut Compact does not take positions on the issues.  Our goal is to offer a platform to connect individuals who embrace the opportunity to drive debates on Economic Development, Climate Change impact and Election Reform in Connecticut. 

We simply ask our Problem Solvers to commit to:


Listen to and engage ALL key stakeholders to ensure that a diversity of perspectives are heard in order to understand the context, scope and scale of the issue.


Define the challenge based on data, evidence and information, not on fixed, partisan positions.


Work with others in search of common ground solutions that deliver the most good for the most people – developing initial consensus on broadscale direction and working through remaining areas of disagreement.


Evaluate the success or failure of solutions based on performance metrics, impact and progress in our state and communities.


Refine policies and programs when the metrics suggest something isn’t working – we should be willing to adjust when the evidence suggests we need to.

We plan to showcase our network of Problem Solvers in the near future.  If you are interested in contributing to common-sense solutions, contact us and join the Connecticut Compact Problem Solvers.