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Connecticut Compact

About Us

American Compact is a charitable, educational 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to building consensus in the American public through education, and the use of fact-based information to generate debates about our systems of government and about the critical public policy issues we face.

American Compact/Connecticut Compact are committed to build consensus on major challenges and opportunities in the state by:

  • Publishing Just the Facts issues briefs to promote evidence-based discussions and debates on issues including economic development, climate change and election reforms
  • Reaching out to educate the community at large on the issues and challenges we face
  • Organizing leadership and community webinars and convenings
  • Recruiting problem-solver partners to work together to make Connecticut a leader and a model for the nation

American Compact is independent organization, not tied to any party organization, PAC or other organization.

We shall not participate in the current political wrangling going on. We do not align with any party, nor any “wing” of any party. We do not support nor advocate for any party platform, nor any candidate, nor any proposed legislation. Rather, we seek the participation of Americans in general who are willing to set aside all of that, and to focus on the facts of the matter at hand, and to work out sensible answers and solutions for the problems.

American Compact will initially focus on the state of Connecticut, as that is home territory for many of us.