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Connecticut Compact

Working to focus attention on some of the biggest challenges and opportunities the state faces, and to build consensus around common sense solutions.

Making Connecticut a Leader

About Us

American Compact is a charitable, education organization working to build consensus on our most pressing challenges and opportunities.

The state of Connecticut is the initial focus of our work.

We intend to:

  • present these challenges in a straight-forward, factual manner
  • engage the public for a broader understanding of the issues
  • develop common sense solutions
  • advocate for the acceptance of these solutions across American society.
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Making Connecticut a Leader

Read our column in the CT Mirror
Winning the competition for talent and technology in Connecticut
It’s critical that the winners of the upcoming gubernatorial and legislative elections collaborate together ….to launch a new, ambitious phase of the state’s economic strategy – one focused on winning the competition for next generation talent, technology, and jobs.

Our Approach:

A broad-based initiative to generate discussion among thought leaders across the state on a range of policy topics, with the goal of developing common-sense solutions to problems. See below on this home page for the first set of policy briefs.

A deep dive into electoral and governance reform in the state, with the goal of educating the public on this issue and generating support for change.

Policy Briefs

Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers commit to help make Connecticut a national leader in responding to our country’s most pressing challenges and opportunities. A strong network of Problem Solvers will 1) build consensus in our communities and across the state to define the major issues and 2) with an open mind and non-partisan perspective, generate and support innovative, practical policies and common-sense solutions based on data, evidence and experience.
Problem Solvers are also resources others can tap for information on issues related to the core mission of Connecticut Compact.
If you are interested in becoming a Problem Solver, or wish to learn more about Connecticut Compact…

Please click here and contact us.